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The Quad-Cities community

Newcomers know that the Mississippi River flows through the Quad-Cities within a quarter mile of campus, and suspect that it offers a cool resource. Most are amazed to learn how much more is available: from 174 city parks to 60 miles of urban bike and walking trails, from three major retail clusters to a half-dozen farmers' markets, from great franchises in four professional sports leagues to outstanding civic symphony, opera and ballet companies. All are easy to enjoy since the average commute is under 20 minutes (a bit more if you stop at Starbucks).

Here's Jane Simonsen celebrating the parks and the view of the Mississippi from her front porch. Mike Zemek likes the short commute and puts in a plug from the strength of our local schools.

The college

All of us here came from major research universities: the land of departments with 50 faculty (not counting the adjuncts, TAs, Gas, part-timers and others), 400 student lecture-sections and a 1,000 undergraduate majors. They're also the land of intense intellectual specialization, seven-figure grants, research institutes and a sometimes-Darwinian approach to professional advancement. Universities thrive by mass-producing knowledge and dissecting disciplines. Colleges are different -- our intellectual intensity is manifested in integrating disciplines and crafting understanding. The results can be surprisingly powerful and satisfying.

How learning differs: Ian Harrington talks about the importance of teaching students to ask their own questions so they can learn to find their own answers in a complex world. Jennifer Horwath talks about senior research as the organic outcome of years of coaching. Jason Koontz celebrates the fact that he's never trapped into being "that guy in front of the class."

How professional relations differ: Ian Harrington suspected something was afoot when he discovered an entire academic department waiting in 100-degree weather to help him move in. Jane Simonsen reflects on an intensely supportive community of faculty colleagues and administrators. Jason Koontz was amazed at what happens when teaching experiments completely flop.

On fitting in and making a difference: Chris Whitt is enthused about getting in on the ground floor of something big and his ability to connect easily with senior administrators and colleagues. It makes for a busy life, but Jason Koontz discovered that "it's a busyness I kind of like".


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